To stabilize your maintenance budget and experience long-term success with improved throughput, availability and quality services for your need:

Installed Base Evaluation – A comprehensive analysis identifying asset locations, excess inventory and insufficient spares – including recommendations for improvement.

Spare Parts Agreement – We own and manage your spare inventory for a fixed amount and replenish with zero cost!

Installed Base Evaluation (IBE)
An IBE with Lifecycle Analysis is a site delivered service that provides actionable intelligence to help you make decisions where to invest in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations.


  • Identification of product lifecycle status via plant hierarchy
  • Identification of legacy obsolescence risks
  • Identification of excess/shortage of spare parts
  • Mechanical and other OEM electronics may be included
  • Identification of migration/conversion priorities
  • Baseline for determining a Strategic Maintenance Program

◎ Step 1 – Field Collection

  • On-site data collect by an ETS Field Service Engineer
  • Plant Hierarchy
  • Panels & Storeroom
  • Operating Environment

◎ Step 2 – Processing

  • Off-site processing and analysis determines plant life cycle risks and overall MRO inventory status​

◎ Step 3 – Delivery

  • Delivery of life cycle reporting highlighting MRO risks via plant hierarchy

Spare Parts Agreement
Spare Parts Agreement ensure ready access to critical spares by providing ETS owned inventory at the ETS location, guaranteed 24/7 accessibility.

  • Fixed monthly/quarterly pricing
  • Flexible over-time
  • In-Service warranty on agreement stock
  • Zero replenishment cost

​◎ Improved Asset control

  • Avoid unnecessary build-up of inventory over time
  • Service facility requirements without increased assets

◎ Improved Cash Management

  • Pay in smaller increments over time

◎ Minimize inventory-carrying expenses

◎ Support of equipment with limited life cycle

  • Spares can leave with decommissioned equipment

◎ Exclusive Inventory Availability

◎ Optimized Spare Inventory Base

Spares Parts Agreement provide a flexible, easy to use, vendor managed inventory program that ensures availability of critical spares to maximize machine uptime and throughput while reducing overall inventory carrying costs.

  • Improves Return on Net Assets
  • Reduces downtime
  • Minimizes inventory costs
  • Simplifies budgeting


​Support more than 50 field service professionals.

  • 13+ years average automation experience
  • Start-up & commissioning
  • Emergency service dispatch
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Migrations & conversion
  • On the job training
  • Embedded engineering
  • Customizable Service Agreement
  • Fixed Cost unlimited Service Agreement


World-Class Performance Based Training

  • Dedicated Training Professionals
  • Target Audience for professional system integrators, maintenance professionals, and end user
  • General Industrial Courses
  • Certified Schneider Training Center

Custom-Designed Curriculum

  • Equipment, System, or Application Level Training
  • We Train Your Trainers or Deliver Training to Your Specifications
  • Your Site, Our Site, or the Customer’s Site
  • Job-Aids, Tool-Kits, E-Learning are all available

Performance Assessment Services

  • Job Task Analysis
  • Skills Gap Identification
  • Certification